University of Salerno - Department of Physics, Italy,
Magnetic properties and vortex dynamics studies of Iron-based superconducting crystals
Prof. Massimilaino Polichetti

International Laboratory of High Magnetic Fields and Low Temperatures, Wroclaw, Poland
Assistant Prof. Daniel Gaida

Euratom Project
Vortex dynamics in Ag-doped chalcogenides probed by third harmonics AC magnetic susceptibility analysis
Project reference number: WP14-ER-01/INRNE-04

The Euratom Treaty establishing the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom) was initially created to coordinate the Member States' research programmes for the peaceful use of nuclear energy. The ITER tokamak is the important step to demonstrate the scientific and technicacal feasibility of fusion power. Europe hosted the thermonuclear plant in Cadarache, France and intend to realize it in cooperation with other 6 partners: China, India, Japan, South Korea, Russia and USA.

Europen Fusion Associations

Euratom CEA (1958) France Finland (incl. Estonia) Euratom - TEKES (1995)
Euratom ENEA (1960) Italy (incl. Malta) Euratom - DCU (1996) Ireland
Euratom - IPP (1961) Germany Euratom - AW (1996) Austria
Euratom - FOM (1962) The Netherlands Eur - Hellenic Rep (1999) Greece (incl. Cyprus)
Euratom - FZJ (1962) Germany Euratom - IPP.CR (1999) Czech Rep.
Euratom -Belgian state Belgium (1969) (incl. Luxembourg) Euratom - HAS (1999) Hungary
Euratom - RISO (1973) Denmark Euratom - MEdC (1999) Romania
Euratom - UKAEA (1973) United Kingdom Euratom - Univ. Latvia Latvia (2002)
Euratom - VR (1976) Sweden Euratom - IPPLM (2005) Poland
Euratom - Conf. Suisse Switzerland ( 1979) Euratom - MHEST (2005) Slovenia
Euratom - FZK (1982) Germany Euratom - CU (2007) Slovakia
Euratom - CIEMAT (1986) Spain Euratom - INRNE (2007) Bulgaria
Euratom - IST (1990) Portugal Euratom - LEI ( 2007) Lithuania

Head of division

Nikoloay Tonchev Nikolay Tonchev
Professor at ISSP-BAS
LTP laboratory
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Head of laboratory

Elena Nazarova Elena Nazarova
Assoc. Prof. at ISSP-BAS
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